Maintaining Historical Buildings

The North East of England is has an abundance of centuries old historic properties both commercial and private. We specialise in preserving these buildings, so that they will be around for many centuries to come. With precise expert knowledge and careful, skilled craftsmen, we’ll help preserve structures from any period of history, from small monuments to great castles.

PRESERVATION – Over years of weathering water finds its way in to the mortar joints, stones bricks become loose and exponentially worse over time, so catching potential problems early on can save you thousands in restoration fees later on, We’ll treat your stonework to protect the masonry and extend its life. we’ll improve your building’s appearance and make it weather resistant. We’ll match the new mortar to the original in terms of texture, strength and color. Making your building look as good as new.

Some of our clients include the National Trust, Historic England (formerly English Heritage) and the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.  Over many years we have painstakingly restored stone, timber and windows on churches, castles and other prestigious properties to bring the buildings back to their former glory. 

Our skill and craftsmanship have been recognised and we have gained significant acknowledgement for our various projects on Holy Island. 

If your next project requires the knowledge and expertise of one of the regions most respected restoration specialists, please contact our office / please consult our team for advice.

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